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The environmental impact of batteries and rechargeable batte

 投稿者:dikkyメール  投稿日:2011年 9月 2日(金)22時17分34秒
  Rechargeable batteries

We constantly need batteries, both for toys, watches, remote controls, lamps, thermometers ....

In addition to its cost and its relatively short life, recycling is not without problems - for those who are actually recycled.

Rechargeable batteries

One solution is to use rechargeable batteries(HP Pavilion DV4 Battery). In a life much higher - which can carry more than a thousand generations - that last a little 'shorter than disposable batteries. They are ideal for devices used frequently. In fact, the disadvantage, for free, even when not in use.


Currently, there are three main types of rechargeable batteries Ni and Cd (nickel-cadmium), Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) and Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). The cheapest to most expensive, polluting the environment more friendly.

NiCd: its main advantage is price. But it is absolutely necessary to be discharged before HP Pavilion DV6 Battery being recharged, or they lose their capacity (memory effect). Some chargers have this feature Offload, which avoids this problem.

NiMH batteries: a little 'expensive to buy, no memory effect and can be recharged at any time. Some boots are also able to get loaded at any time, stop charging when full, and the gap of registration.

Lithium-ion Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery or Lithium: Not yet released, at least in the form of battery, no memory effect is not, and are much less likely to be fired, but also can be used. It would also be less harmful to the environment at the end of life.

Battery capacity

It is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours), the ability of the media, the battery life when fully charged. The current values ??are currently between 800 and 2,500 mAh. For example, a consumer toy, 1 A, 800 mAh lasts 48 minutes and 2 hours of 2500 mAh.

And HP Pavilion DV5-1000 battery always have a motto, referring to rechargeable batteries or reject the rooms provided for that purpose.

Buy batteries?

The batteries are definitely benefits. Battery practical and economic reality as it is intelligent solutions. In addition to these two batteries offer performance advantages over both the ecological point of view of their lives. Opt for rechargeable batteries? Then do your best choice with RuedesPiles site. In a few clicks you can find the batteries ,Sony VGP-BPS13 Battery to meet your expectations.

Why use batteries?

Saving a way to save time and money and is willing to dispose of the batteries to find the batteries are for you. Energizer batteries, rechargeable batteries hundreds of times the products are designed for optimal performance.

How can I be sure to choose the battery that fits my camera? What is "Capacity"?

The device needs more energy, requires more battery power. "Capacity" (in mAh) determines the "autonomy" of the battery. In other words, a higher mAh value corresponds to a longer battery life of the device. Typically, 2450 mAh AA up to 320 lets you take pictures in common use. Buy 1300 mAh Compaq Presario CQ60 Battery cells and take 170 photos.

How long will the batteries last?

Under normal operating conditions, the current Energizer batteries are charged and discharged hundreds of times. However, there is a relationship between battery HP Pavilion DV5 capacity and number of charge cycles possible - plus the ability, the lower the number of charge cycles is high.

Storage otherwise NiMH batteries lose their charge and then only partially loaded on first use. The average flow NiMH batteries varies considerably from one cell to another. Best Energizer AA batteries Energizer AA 2450, now up to 70% capacity after storage for six months.

The 7 best ways to keep the batteries

Remember to first calculate the batteries before first use. The batteries are empty and stores are not fully charged at first use.

Never mix two different brand of rechargeable mAh capacity from computer to computer or charger.

Third NN'essayez never recharge alkaline zinc, carbon and lithium. Only the NiMH batteries are safe.

Fourth rechargeable batteries always tend to become warm during charging. Once again we invite the reach of children.

Fifth NiMH batteries should not be fully discharged before recharging. And 'the opposite of the older NiCd batteries, which are sensitive to the memory effect.

Sesto batteries lose their charge over time.

Seventh Always check that the Dell Latitude E6410 charger is suitable for the chemical composition of the batteries. Although you can load a number of different chemical composition, which can damage the battery and reduce the number of charge cycles and has not been specifically designed to do.

Effects of rechargeable batteries for the environment

Studies show that the Dell Latitude E6510 batteries are increasingly used by consumers. A fact which is not surprising considering that batteries are less harmful to the environment than conventional batteries will last. Rechargeable batteries do not consume, in fact, a limited amount of natural non-renewable resources, have a less damaging to the environment. Although this quality does not have rechargeable batteries, but are less effective because they produce a relatively large amount of energy.

At the same time, keep in mind that the batteries are designed to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. It follows, as well as rechargeable batteries do not worsen global warming.

Finally, note that a number of advantages to using rechargeable batteries, waste is greatly reduced.

The battery

The success of the Dell Precision M4500 batteries, in part to the fact that they are based reusable. For the batteries are ready again only in fact, for recharging. Note, however, that the batteries are not designed to keep the job indefinitely as the batteries at some point. The battery life is limited. Note, however, that such a life in the materials that make up the battery-dependent. So you can find nickel-cadmium rechargeable Li-ion hybrid metal or lead. Note that HP Pavilion DV6 battery performance in terms of sustainability, both materials that compose them, but also the brand that makes them dependent.

Even in relation to the duration of the batteries should be noted that the average life of 400-750 charge cycles.

The HP Pavilion DV4-1000 batteries are unquestionable heritage and ecologically. If you are interested in buying quality batteries, clicking on the site of Battery Street. You'll be sure to evaluate the performance of rechargeable batteries, to find satisfaction. Rue des batteries: the address to search for groups amazing performance!

What could we do for the Cyber ??Crime

 投稿者:dikkyメール  投稿日:2011年 8月12日(金)21時47分50秒
  Computer security (I)

Everyone knows the Internet is the hunting ground of pirates (hackers), and the prey of evil viruses, spyware (spyware) and spam others. Faced with serious consequences that their actions can be triggered for a company, all these Dell   Inspiron 1525 battery forms of activities as crimes and punishment as such. We'll be back.

All Internet users who have been or may one day become a victim of the acts of these criminals, we will focus in this article on the operation and methods of protection against viruses, phishing, spam, spyware and other "social engineering". To avoid this article, we will detail the risks and threats to our IT infrastructure, system vulnerabilities and software and how it protects HP   Pavilion ZD7000 battery itself in the article on the prevention of hacker attacks.


All the risks that threaten the security of our computer, the virus is the most common. What is a computer virus? This is an unwanted program that installs on your computer without your knowledge. Lines of instructions telling him how to act, to multiply and infect other programs and other computers.HP   Pavilion DV2000 battery

As stated by Microsoft, a computer virus is a program of a few kilobytes. Worms like Slammer (aka Sapphire) are only 400 bytes.

Windows, a fertile environment for viruses

Note that once the prerogative of the environment of Windows virus has always been the main target of virus writers. In fact, you almost never have a virus or spyware related in environments such as Unix and Mac OS X or Linux. Why?

These are the operating system manages computer HP   Pavilion DV9000 virus, do not take the hardware platform, Intel or PPC Mac, for example. So the fact, do not install an Intel CPU in a Mac to make it more susceptible to viruses and other malicious actions.

The security model of Unix Mac OS X will be assumed by default designed to protect the system against threats to platforms other rule. We can say that Mac OS X since the beginning,SONY   VAIO VGN-AR830E battery was designed with safety in mind, knowing that the "zero risk" does not exist.

And in fact, there are some viruses that attack Mac, as "proof of concept" test virus as "OSX.Macarena" but they are not really there to destroy (their virulence your installation directory is limited, and they easily melted), but Dell   Inspiron 5100 battery designers who can demonstrate environmental pollution.

It is, as Kaspersky, said in a report, not on Mac OS X is immune against the virus, only better protected against attacks. As proof, the end of 2007, the first Trojan (OSX.RSPlug.A) Apple has addressed and explained in this article. Now he can qualify for the security of Mac OS X. Stay tuned.

However, it is not the idea of ??installing a Windows partition on your Apple for example (via BootCamp), it would again open up your system for SONY   VAIO VGN-FW350DH battery viruses and spyware.

Note that your system is just as vulnerable, if you have a virtualization software such as "Parallels Desktop" or another solution "Virtual PC for Mac" to use to create a Windows virtual machine on Mac OS X. However, Mac OS X partition will be protected forever.

Note that this attack very few viruses that can run multiple operating systems despite the differences inherent in any software architecture. This is the case of the virus "Bi.a" written in assembly language, which operate both Windows and Linux. But even here there is only a "proof of concept" not really malicious viruses. However, after Kaspersky and SANS, in the future more and more viruses of this strain to become virulent. This has already been infected with virus beam, Windows PCs and PDAs launched in February 2006. In short, no Toshiba   PA3285U-3BRS battery platform is invulnerable, but some more than others ...

This vulnerability in the Windows environment and the price for some innate wide licenses, why in the space of a generation (1981-2007), he had a monopoly, Microsoft has seen its market share, reduced to less than 40 % in favor of Unix, Linux and other Mac OS X. At each of the lesson.

This clarification takes place, to describe in detail the functionality of any computer Toshiba   PA3465U-1BRS battery viruses and how to eliminate them.


Dozens of new viruses are spread daily on the Internet, especially from the new republics of Eastern Europe, whose population is likely to be unemployed, but skilled Toshiba   Satellite A10 battery and Western Europe (France, Southern England, Flanders, the Netherlands), the United States and the Far East.

In 1990, he was given 200-500 viruses under DOS with an average increase of 0.6 virus / day. Since then, the number of viruses has doubled every year with an acceleration of 1992. In the year 1996 exceeds the threshold of 10 000 virus. In 2000, there were 50,000 viruses.

List of viruses Kaspersky Today, almost 550,000 and 213,193 signatures. The software "NanoScan" Panda is able to identify more than one million signatures!

You can now ask whether the two anti-virus is as complete as the other, knowing that one has twice as many signatures as his opponent? The answer is "yes, probably" because it must be a comparison to be sure. We'll be back.

In fact, some Toshiba   PA3107U-1BRS battery companies create a single signature virus, but it identifies many forms of viruses. So arbeitet and Kaspersky. In fact, transfer some worms (worms) and come in more than 400 varieties, as are many additional signatures! These polymorphic as "whales", a virus just 10 KB in 33 existing variants. In addition, a competitor for reasons of strategic business practices or as to create as many signatures as viruses and mutants, the total of an impressive number of signatures that can actually be two to five times higher than will be giving its competitors.

Also note that the virus is like nothing Kaspersky Virus List of encyclopedias encyclopedic list and make a small fraction of all existing viruses. Your best source of information are also Toshiba   PA3399U-1BRS battery forums. We'll be back.

The elimination of viruses and other malware is an ongoing battle, as long as there are computer criminals will take. It is not for nothing that McAffee has chosen this name have you ever noticed that it means "make a fresh" subscribe, in other words, you buy our anti-virus software. In fact, the daily update ...

In November 1991, David M. Chess High Integrity HP   Pavilion DV5000 battery Computing Laboratory IBM reported in the "Virus Bulletin" newspaper, about 30 viruses that were responsible for attacks around the world. Today they are the work of about 180 viruses, as explained WildList Observatory, which monitors the activity of the virus via the Internet.

Types of viruses

Are grouped into five major viral families. Boot virus in the boot sector of a hard disk that is read when the computer HP   Pavilion ZT3000 starts to hide. These viruses replace the boot sector with a copy of itself and again the region of origin to another part of the disk. It goes without saying that even after formatting the hard drive, they are still there!

Then came the large family of viruses, the application executable (. Exe,. Com,. Sys. Inf. Dll. Vbs, etc) to infect. They replace the startup file before the infected program is started and then they make him incognito, hiding the hand and running in the background. It's pretty vicious, but the behavior of the virus! Currently, the virus can not see the images (. JPG,. GIF), sound files (. WAV. MP3, etc) or video files (. MPEG, etc), but it's probably a matter of time.HP   510 battery

There are also macro viruses (macro viruses), the tabernacle of macros in Office applications like Word or Excel and e-mail viruses to interfere with the mail.

Finally, the worm (worm) is a virus, through the network and spreads message and therefore no physical or logical (or hard drive or folder, etc.). Its purpose is mainly to saturate the bandwidth of the network lead to a computer HP   Pavilion DV5 battery failure.

Add two distinct forms of "spyware". The Trojans (Trojan), which is actually a "Trojan horse", ie a malicious program that can each user to accidentally download hacked, usually by clicking on the links of a page (spoofing) or banner to this area and that means a hackers to remotely access your computer HP   Pavilion DV3 or is it possible to extract data.

In this category are the famous botnet networks of zombie PCs that are discussed.

Finally, there's Cookie (spyware), a program that applies as citizens and "cookies" that are discussed on the sender information on the environment of your computer or the user profile installed .

The Trojans and Cookies

If the Trojans and cookies (spyware) are not viruses, they produce effects just as disruptive and undesirable for the victim.

Among the cookies include "VirusProtect Pro", a fake anti-spyware is exactly what is installed with the Trojans' Zlob.Trojan "and its variants. Do not rely on the site (which I do not tell you the URL ) without having first installed an anti-spyware or anti-virus on your PC HP Mini   1000 battery when the contamination is guaranteed!

however, remove Viruprotectpro for more details on this trojan and how to eliminate them. Most anti-spyware or anti-virus comes to an end.

This spyware usually install if you have a space problem (pornography, peer-to-peer, etc.), what to install an audio / video codec to watch the video providing access. In fact, if you agree, it will use previously downloaded a Trojan on your computer or install a dozen of your hard drive.

To avoid this mishap, always think carefully before, * click * on a link, you do not know.

Never the request for access if you are on the one hand the ability to play media files on your PC HP   434674-001 battery and if the request comes from an unknown location. If in doubt, open another session and the Internet spend a few minutes to ask questions about this site with key words such as "spyware" and "Virus". If she responds positively, be careful!

If you agree to download the application, the cookie will install a shield icon in the Windows Security Center in the taskbar. Then, the following warning message will appear regularly at the bottom of the screen "The system has a number of active spyware that can affect the performance of your computer SONY VGP-BPS9A/B battery can be detected. Click the icon to get rid of unwanted spyware by downloading an update in anti-spyware solution. "It seems to help, but he lies to you because he is the spy!

Meanwhile, he took the trouble to change the start page of Internet Explorer and edit dozens of entries in the registry. It will be impossible for these Trojans and other cookies that without the intervention of a good anti-spyware or anti-virus.On will return to remove are installed.

Botnet networks: the zombies

Networks, the most vicious "botnets" are. A virus can hide another, download a different virus. Work, and some variants of the worm "Mydoom" e-mail. It welcomes you with an example of "Hello", "Remember me?" or send photos so called, but actually tried the Trojan Backdoor Surila in Visual C + +. Download

Its "payload", his office or function is to create a proxy server on your PC Toshiba   Satellite 1800 battery, making it available to spammers through a secure channel protocol in IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

Installed on a network, the virus behaves like a program (a script automatically) and appears to system administrators and ordinary users. Of course, installed on a PC isolated processes displayed in clear text and can be identified.

Within days, an attacker can quietly take control of thousands of "zombie" computers in the world are distributed, forming a so-called "bottom-network" or "botnet".

Cybercrime experts from IBM Internet Security Systems (see blog Intelligence X-Force) discovered that it was possible to rent a botnet consisting of 150 000?PC ?Dell Laptop Battery for the modest sum of $ 350 per week! These are PC to relay spam. And for botnet cyber criminals with impunity and lead a campaign of spam (flood), without the knowledge of all rent. Your goal is to "launch" of the mail servers of large companies in the amount of traffic.

Symantec counted 6 million zombie computers SONY   VAIO VGN-FW139E/H battery worldwide during the second half of 2006 increased 29% over the previous six months. However, the number of servers used to relay commands to the fall of zombies (the "bots") to 25%, indicating that the botnet owners have their networks and increase the size of existing networks.

As this article from Panda Software, said the Apple iPhone was only sold (July 2007), it was already the subject of an attack by one of 7,500 zombie computers in the botnet Trojan "Aifone. was "aimed at phishing (spoofing a) page of the iPhone. com. You can find more details in the article on the iPhone.


How to run Network UPS System

 投稿者:dikkyメール  投稿日:2011年 7月26日(火)21時26分58秒
  Intelligent Network UPS systems, primarily for the management of the network object from the Host UPS additional RS232, R485-port SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) interface card for communications. These interfaces via a special cable connection to servers, routers, gateways and other devices to the appropriate communication interface.Acer   Aspire One Battery

Intelligent Network UPS System

Network UPS intelligent systems, based mainly on the entire network for the management of objects, is the host of the additional output of the inverter 232, R485-interface, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) interface card for communications. These interfaces via a special cable connection to servers, routers, gateways and other devices at the intersection of communication channels, the inverter and the computer HP   Pavilion DV8000 is intelligent in a position to be a monitoring network of the UPS system form. UPS Network Intelligence technology is currently mainly two aspects: coordination Firstly, the strengthening of the new features of UPS, and the work of the server software so that the UPS, in addition to completion without interruption of basic functions, but also on the network event records, mistake, UPS automatically points behind the test parameters in dependence on the other hand saves to strengthen the inverter power. Intelligent Network UPS traditional UPS is connected to the interface hardware, with specially developed software solution for complete power-management delivered in combination.HP   Pavilion DV9000

The implementation of the Intelligent Network UPS

Computer and UPS do through the interface that the lack of power and UPS status information into the computer system of communication can be the first cable connection between computer and UPS are automated queries, completed by ensure proper communication is, the adaptation will be necessary protocols to initiate communication. Network design software and hardware products are usually in SNMP, HP   Pavilion DV2000 which is based network management information base interaction with the work by issuing SNMP commands, the network administrator for information about commands from the network devices for the control and distribution for the network, there are still soft interrupt handling messages (the message is a warning network management station software interrupt important events, such as UPS uses a battery of messaging) functions.

UPS can take advantage of current computer network communications interface for UPS communication port connects to your computer and then install the appropriate driver software. With the monitoring software, the team developed a communication link with UPS to establish, the computer HP Pavilion ZD7000 sends instructions regularly, UPS provide information within the stipulated time, when an exception occurs when the power supply, internal UPS Micro-Controller exception immediately the information to the computer monitoring software on your computer by issuing warnings to the operator or network administrator for the warning, if the person is not in the scene, the power of the UPS software automatically closes a suspension of the implementation of several software programs, registration and prohibit the Autosave keep in place, etc, and provides information on the network to the user a warning of abnormal energy. The monitoring software in time UPS also has a complete self-test function to test the UPS and battery capacity, data and graphics can be displayed and the output voltage of the UPS, the input frequency, load temperature,SONY VGP-BPS2 battery capacity, which users to analyze, diagnose, prefabricated prevention.

Designing an intelligent control system UPS

1, the entire design

The design of the main control unit, AC unit tests to check the battery and unit testing, unit testing and regulatory power, isolation, and unit mass of modules on-line monitoring and the other unit. These modules via an internal RS485 interface to communicate to the exchange of electric distribution cabinet for loading and unloading process, the status of the battery, regulator bus of the ground state of resistance, go out to reach the state of the real-time monitoring, control and alarm management. The whole system and the PC SONY   PCGA-BP4V via an RS232 communication for querying historical data and statistics.

2, each unit description

2.1 Main Control Unit

Scheduling main control unit of the entire system. For the central control of the control card, 320X240 matrix LCD screen, keyboard and lighting, etc., please complete the loading and unloading management, operation and control of parameters and the display, storage of recording alarm requests and the host computer via RS232 communications, internal control via RS485.Dell Inspiron 1525

2.2 Detection CA unit

Two stages of the failure of performance, phase failure, overvoltage, undervoltage alarm function, alarm, alarm contact is closed when the relay; The device of AC three-phase voltage, current and frequency collection was performed. By adjusting the potentiometer can be calibrated to be displayed on the three phases of AC voltage.Toshiba   PA3166U battery

2.3 Test of the battery and test facility

The device of the plate plates of the battery and check the battery (optional) recognized that completing the main battery voltage (about mother-to-voltage), charge and discharge current, the ambient temperature and the collection of detection of battery voltage on the fuse from the battery, Toshiba   PA2487 battery the analog output voltage and current for a particular module to other manufacturers or three-phase voltage controlled power board or current through a given (special circumstances, in consultation with the manufacturer) to improve the compatibility of the system, the timing control triggered when the mother had all the tension, recharge the batteries and battery unique alarm function can be fail calibrated separately and the combined power of the mother does not show that by adjusting the battery of tests on board and inspect the battery knob.

Feeder 2.4 unit tests and the regulator of the channel silicon

The detection of fat depending on the CPU, cards, digital input, real-time detection and control of investors co-parent mother. By the switch-port expansion, recognizes 24 vending machines. When the switch changes or the female parent control voltage limit alarm and silicon chain by automatically adjusting the control voltage (up to 7 silicon chain regulator). To detect power by adjusting the potentiometer on the entire school board voltage-controlled screen.Toshiba   PA3399 battery

2.5 The measures for monitoring and ground unit of the cable insulation

Monitored by the detection of isolation and expansion cards of the ground wire, the main function of real-time monitoring of bus-to-ground resistance, ground positioning self-slip. When the resistance ground bus under alarm value, the alarm relay is closed, connect the ground wire to the expansion port on the ground line, up to 24 line selection.Toshiba   PA3635U-1BAM battery

3, the critical circuit design

3.1 Current sensing circuit

The size of the battery charge and discharge is particularly critical. The circuit is shown in Figure 1, because it is the test to detect the load current is discharge current, then a small voltage across the resistance in both directions were measured with two paths in the circuit test, and would also signal conditioning, but also easy-to-AD converter input channels to use for measuring.Toshiba   PA3176U-1BAS battery

3.2 Monitoring of blood co-mother

Co-parent monitoring circuit voltage in Figure 2. Parent-voltage current through the resistor R16, R17, R54, R17 resistance to the combined sample and should therefore high precision resistor resistor R17 are used. R16 and R54 because R17 is much larger than the resistance, but also appear in the denominator, and therefore do not need to use high-precision resistors. LL is to delete the task, the common mode disturbances. You can use the potentiometer Rp can be monitored on the amount of tension with the requirements of the ADC input voltage.Asus   Eee PC 1005H

3.3AD conversion

TLV1544 ADC chip. Wide range of simple Yao VCC 5 7 2 Help 5V; chip has a high conversion rate, conversion time of less than 10 s Zi; programmed chip has four external inputs: TLV1544 are the main features that the chipset can select a word different status of the four input channels; chip has four ports for synchronous serial interface via the SPI bus in the form of microprocessors, the AD conversion 11 bit, enough to meet the system requirements.Asus A3Ac   battery

Control began the selected channel from the sampling analog input signal. From top to bottom to start sampling the analog input signal, from low to high for the sample and the HOLD function is on hold and began to CDA. Regardless of the input and output clock signal, when high, it begins. The length of the control period of low sampling capacitor switch array. When not in use, then high. Pin (EOC) House D conversion in the A goes high to indicate the end of the conversion is complete. The level of the voting unit by the EOC to determine if the conversion is complete, in order to read the data.Asus V6   battery

With the rapid development encouraged by the Internet, communications and computers and the other for the use of modern electronic devices such as computers Asus A9T   battery, program-controlled switches, industrial process control and industrial control real-time computer systems more and more power to the high quality requirements, we need a new generation of more intelligent management capabilities more flexible, reliable network of UPS systems.


Nanotechnology and the War fingerprint

 投稿者:dikkyメール  投稿日:2011年 7月21日(木)21時55分29秒
  If opening of this blog, I talked about the molecular biology of the nano-encapsulation technology with traditional methods of detection of blood in the scene today to improve, we discuss the use of nanotechnology as a forensic technique that can be used for fingerprint identification .. . but all in good time, because the HP Pavilion DV9000Z battery story is the use of fingerprints in criminal investigations, long ... and fascinating ... Although some writers from the time of ancient Babylon, most experts put the first fingerprint identification in Persia in the fourteenth century and it was not until the seventeenth century,HP 434674-001 battery when the search began fingerprints.

But the real "War of the authorship of the legitimate use of fingerprints" in the criminal investigation began in the late nineteenth century, when a young judge in India, William Herschel, noted that the investigation may be of fingerprints help the fight against identity theft in state pensions. .. there are things that HP HSTNN-UB33 battery will never change despite the passage of time ... more than a century later, is still managing to cheat by the same way ... Herschel, who gathered in accordance with the fingerprints of more than 20 years, in search of new impressions of the prints the same people over time ... unchanged and the use of this "new technology" to stop the crooks helped climb ladders in the Indian administration to become a judge ... in that the thing has changed ... Time is announced in the judiciary with the professional services ... What are the things ... Herschel But it happened, what usually happens ... My friends, scientific rivalry entered the picture. Parallel investigations by Herschel, a Scottish missionary doctor, who was in the Far  East became interested in fingerprints. Henry Faulds, who was the name of this colorful character,HP HSTNN-UB41 battery came to burn their fingers by immersion in sulfuric acid to see if the tracks can be erased ... and not be deleted!

The Scottish missionary tried to publish his findings in a letter sent to other than the famous Charles Darwin. However, evolutionists do not quite pay much attention to the letter and handed the letter to his cousin, Francis Galton, a founder of Nature, which made it practically the same as Darwin ignore the problem ... so it seemed. Faulds pressed on and reached its conclusions at the Metropolitan Police in London to ... But what is obvious ... until something unexpected tables. Faulds Having been invited to give lectures on the subject, HP Pavilion DV5 battery decided to Francis Galton, a Victorian eccentric scientists, to give the world the use of fingerprints for criminal investigations.

But although he had a letter from Faulds its conclusions on the subject, HP Pavilion DV8000 battery Galton approached ... Herschel, the rival scientific Faulds! ... And it focuses well. When he was charged with conspiracy to defame Henry Faulds, Galton was in the letter that her cousin had thrown before Darwin Habaiah read it and did nothing as Faulds published in fingerprints, because it fell into oblivion armor ... Of course, man ... This reminds me of an editor of a reputable scientific journal that an article rejected,HP F2299A battery then published under his name the same work on the same topic ... Galton went on his own and not only describes a system for describing, measuring and comparing the fingerprint biometrics, but it was the speaker of the criminal investigation to the extent that the recommendation of the police in a yard in the Scottish parliamentary techniques continue receiving and created an office Fingerprints on the basis of knowledge of Darwin's cousin Galton ... the game had reached ... HP HSTNN-IB20 battery was the ultimate reference in this field.

Galton Faulds climbed the walls, each SONY VGP-BPS9 battery accused of plagiarism, wrote a letter to Nature in which he accused Herschel lead especially in its claim for the study of fingerprints ... However, Galton and Herschel had become so popular, even in the Times Literary Supplement of the journal ... Faulds not It is true that the public Herschel is how to take things to realize that the first Faulds, which was the value of fingerprints for identification study that ... but always leave in question the rigor of the studies by the Scottish doctor and missionary. Despite the fact that until shortly before his death, Faulds continuing struggle for official recognition of his research, HP 437403-361 battery which never came.

But after his death, his claims have come from the Scottish lawyer George Wilton, looking over in successive campaigns 1930-1964, the attack on Faulds as an insult to Scottish nationalists. ... So ... missing children in Britain are fighting the charge of using fingerprints to identify criminals ... Thereafter, and for many years, improving HP HSTNN-UB37 battery techniques of fingerprint identification ... a few weeks ago there was a big step that deserves to be quoted in Scientia ... but my way. Show a few days ago, only the nth episode of CSI Las Vegas, we have seen how, after the arrest of a "dangerous criminal" Captain Jim Brass to release him because, although surely he is guilty of murder, the years there have been no fingerprints found at the scene of the alleged murderer ... and said that now, right?

Clearly the author of this fudge is Dr. Raymond Langston was the coroner, HP 441132-001 battery and I say apparently because such an atrocity never my desire to Gil Grissom ... was more elegant and certainly had the nanotechnology used to catch the murderer. Despite advances in detection and analysis of DNA from blood, fingerprints of age is still the preferred method to determine who was present at the scene. In some cases it is very difficult to obtain evidence of fingerprints, so researchers in different HP Pavilion DV7 battery studies of their attempts to solve these problems concentrating. A few days ago a group of Australian researchers an interesting study on "?Strengthening?of latent fingerprints on porous surfaces with anti-L-amino acid conjugated gold nanoparticles?antibodies," which published a new methodology to deal with pending cases of. Solve The overall objective of this work was to recover fingerprints, but on the test surfaces of old cases were not sensitive enough to be identified with conventional methods ... if the matter remains unresolved. SONY VGP-BPS13 battery Scientists from the fields of forensic science at the University of Sydney and Canberra and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Illinois and worked in contact with the Australian Federal Police, with the help of nanotechnology to detect fingerprints old dry and weak. The proposed methodology is based on the analysis of amino acids often found in sweat, and therefore, in most fingerprints. In principle this should not surprise anyone because the trace of amino acids, HP RQ204AA battery which for decades have been used to identify fingerprints.

But over time, depending on the substrate on which the fingerprint, as it is non-porous surfaces, amino acids are easily degraded and brands may not be sufficient to identify the fingerprints of traditional techniques. In addition, people with dry skin, there is no clear traces for the fingerprint identification is more complicated. In a HP Pavilion DV9000T battery study in the journal "Chemical Communications" published details of how the combination of immunological techniques and gold nanoparticles permitted sharper detail in the footsteps of former gradients for the solution to these problems and increase the fingerprints in the course of recognized for many years and applied to a surface ... The researchers were able to unite, using techniques of absorption or covalent bonding, the gold nanoparticles with amino acids of antibodies. Later, these tracks were dismantled apply nanosoluciones amino acid residues in their rapid reaction increases the sharpness HP Pavilion ZD7000 battery of the tracks ... Sherlock Holmes would not be admired ... "

Elementary?my dear

Watson." However, as any scientist worthy of this name the scientists involved in this work and make SONY VGP-BPS13B/B battery the crucial question ... What next? .... Since neither more nor less than one of the most important goals of forensic science ... obtain fingerprints from the skin of human victims! Those are big words that only they can solve the two great detective story. One was Peter Falk, the great Colombo, but unfortunately the dates and in recent years, left us forever held his raincoat. Therefore, we can only fervently Gil Grissom to leave his beloved and Compaq Presario CQ60 battery entomology as Horatio Caine, and Mark Taylor and, of course, Raymond Langston, arrived at the soles of his shoes.


Satellite demodulator TNT: how does it works there?

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  The receiver Dell Inspiron 1545 battery and TNT receiver for receiving satellite digital analog TV is known a device designed to decode digital terrestrial television or Freeview. Launched in March 2005, is the DVB-T is the analogue, the end is replaced for the month of November 2011 formally announced. It is a process used to transmit digital signals on analog frequencies.

The Acer Aspire One Battery signal from the TV antenna, the antenna infamous rake, but it took over the channels available free to enjoy, you need a DVB-T and any other equipment no longer needed. Provides in fact the three demodulator functions: it receives signals (sound and images) of the antenna (depending on receiver), it allows multiplexing of digital signals, and finally allows the decoding of MPEG2, so that through signals can be used as analog television. The SONY VGP-BPS9 battery reception is free, just buy a receiver that is available from ? 50. Then just plug the antenna cable to the receiver, the latter being connected to the TV set with a scart cable. For those who live in an area close to a station may be sufficient for indoor use. Demodulator designed for a single TV. In some cases we need to realign the antenna or to completely change if it is an old narrow-band antenna, because they can not capture all digital signals. In areas of poor reception, it is possible that the DTT Dell Studio 17 battery channels are not seen correctly.

In this case, we can learn about the Web site of TDF, namely the channels of TNT used in the locality. A table then shows the equivalence between the frequencies and SONY VGP-BPS9/B battery channel numbers. Having the receive mode frequency setting, it scans the tape at the desired frequency to receive and the mode ends with a good orientation of the antenna.

TNT satellite demodulator

For those who want a new TV, TNT SONY VGP-BPS9A battery is completely free, because, as in March 2008, the TV must be sold on the French market with an integrated DVB-T demodulator. There are many advantages of the demodulator. With traditional antenna, gives viewers access to more than six national channels, while TNT demodulator, we will be entitled to twenty channels plus local channels available. More than a dozen pay-TV are also available. What was the quality MPEG2 image compression, image quality similar to a DVD. But there is a small plug with TNT, or we get good pictures, or we will not pick up anything. High Definition is planned for 2008 on SONY VGP-BPS9A/B battery DTT.

Dolby Digital stereo 5.1 is much better than the analog system and we can enjoy if you have a home theater. The digital system also allows up to six channels in a channel that is not the case for an analog. Finally, with the HP Pavilion DV6Z receiver, you can create interactive programs such as the choice of languages ??or subtitles of a movie. TNT also allows the use of interactive services such as banking, transport, jobs, etc. ...

Before buying a receiver, we must first ask to receive Dell Studio 1736 DTT to ensure that the region is covered by digital broadcasting. But this problem does not occur when the TV is already working with cable or satellite, so that we can receive DTT, even if we do not live in a coverage area. But if you have cable TV, it is necessary to rent a special receiver for the operator. Until now, the conventional demodulator TNT not receive encrypted channels, the images are compressed in MPEG4. However, a demodulator is MPEG4 TNT delivered by any provider of digital package. Finally, for the ADSL connection, new modems are compatible with the TNT on the market. Examples of demodulators presented in Dell Studio PP33L stores.

tnt satellite demodulator

From 50 euros, one can acquire a simple decoder TNT. The stereo can be connected to a home theater sound except through the TV via a SCART socket. However, with this model, we have not the ability to record one channel while watching another. Dell XPS M1350 Which is quite feasible with the double tuner TNT and hard drive that is available from 150 euros. There is also a mixed demodulator (DTT and Satellite) which is available from 100 euros. These include the Kaon KTSC570 which can receive all free channels of DTT but also a bunch of encrypted satellite. Finish with two models of?Dell Laptop Battery satellite demodulator TNT often referenced: the SAGEM HD-TNTSAT 91 and STRONG SRT-6410 TNTSAT. These models allow to receive the free DTT channels and also those of the ASTRA satellite.



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