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  • History of the Parker Pen company

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We all know that the brand Parker is popular. In fact, there are so many people like to use this brand Montblanc Pens,in the United States and even in other areas. In fact, there's a special reason which is worth mentioning why the Parker brand has become so powerful. Prior to the disclosure of the reasons, which will humble discussion of pen manufacturing industry in the usa.

Creation time

The date of the industry as early as 1809, when the needs of customers from across the nation and the Parker pen sale becomes very strong. Sadly, it wasn't until 1880, Parker pens has a conceptualization. However, this really is even more sad than this in the circuit before development parker pen, pen was considered unreliable facts. Under normal circumstances, pens will smear on the paper. If there is no pen imprinted, they either dry up or leak. All of these changes the Parker pen. This is basically why the basis of the pen continues to be strong in the pens industry. More often than not his students complained to him, he sold their pen is easy to leaks and damage. Some time, the document will contain not enough or an excessive amount of ink, as the small amount of ink.

Environment for that growth

George's parents is considered to be very influential when Shullsberg town still young wings flying. Like a young boy, Parker helped his father do chores and agricultural. Field and nursery are just some of parker sonnet as a young child,which frequently have a large amount of attractions. Within the cold winter, Parker attended at school, only in his town is found in Ban.It was exposed throughout the winter of many of the lessons, as Parker didn't realize that he doesn't fit the lives of farmers. Tremendous benefits, he felt that settle in the agricultural life, it will mean long-term solution to travel and technology development. Parker then attended Upper Iowa University.His belt student teaching telegraph higher education after graduation, Parker began in the region. He also participated in the work of the pen of John Holland, a sales side. He focused on his students for his market, however, it soon became very obvious, pen with exquisite quality.

Successful decision

Soon, Parker began to notice that the pen of his sales to them in the first place to impose as much time and effort to repair his pen sold to his students. However, his students became Montblanc Meisterstuck sold for them with his fixed, he is very impressed. Soon, his sales figures started to rise, while he is very trustworthy when it comes to repair pen.More of a pen, he was selling pens that he had to repair! His disappointment became so intense at one point in time, he decided to think about how to build a better pen. Not long after the moment of a major decision, and does a much better pen, thereby laying the building blocks of the Parker Pen Company.
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