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As a New York City-based fashionista

 投稿者:keyboyo  投稿日:2012年 3月31日(土)18時34分18秒
  As a New York City-based fashionista, I think the most common thing I hear from women is that they "don't know how to accessorize," or they "don't know which accessories to wear with specific outfits."  Well, I'm here to tackle first things first, how to spice up a casual outfit with accessories.  Read on to find out some simple ways to spice up your jeans and t-shirt.

The funniest thing I've found is that I
Cheap Tiffany Bracelets can spend hours and hours getting ready to go out, but sometimes the most attractive thing is a gal in a pair of nice jeans and a t-shirt.  Believe it or not, with all the botox, fake hair and makeup out there, a natural beauty is hard to find these days.  So get a little crazy and go easy on the makeup, throw on your favorite jeans, some sandals, a t-shirt, and a few key accessories, and you might just be surprised to see just how much attention you attract.

If you're wearing a v-neck t-shirt a simple pendant on a 16" or 18" chain will really accentuate your neckline.  You can pick a personalized pendant that features a charm you hold dear to your heart, such as a palm tree if you are the ultimate beach babe, or a four leaf clover if you Tiffany Bangles want to be true to your Irish roots.

Throwing a few bangles on your wrists can also turn a drab ensemble into something new and exciting.  I've seen many-a-celebrity wearing bangles that do not even necessarily match and the overall look is fantastic.  For instance, don't be afraid to mix a braided gold bangle with a Cheap Tiffany Rings sparkling cubic zirconia-infused sterling silver bangle.  There are no rules anymore when it comes to mixing metals and colors.  The more daring the better!

If you're already wearing Tiffany Necklaces UK some bangles and a necklace, it would behoove you to take it easy with the earrings.   A simple pair of stud earrings that feature a brightly colored gemstone, or even just a pair of plain silver or gold small hoop earrings will compliment your other wares nicely.  It's always important to remember not to overdo it.  If you wear big earrings, pair them with a simple necklace and a smaller ring.  If you wear lots of bangles, keep the necklace and earrings simple, and skip the ring.

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 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 3月31日(土)18時15分57秒