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The Course Of Poineering a Work Never Smooth

 投稿者:cathyma  投稿日:2012年 3月 3日(土)13時37分17秒
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Electric Rope Shovel (5 CuM) Rugged design suitable for mining Coal, Iron ore and other minerals in open cast mines. Easy to maintain and one of the most reliable shovel in this capacity range.Artificial sand washer HEC supplied over 550 shovels for various mining organisations in India and treated as one of the most reliable mining shovels operating in Indian mining condition. Important Parameters : Bucket Size 5 CuM Boom Length 10.5 M Max. Digging Radius 14.4 M Max.Impact stone crusher Digging Height 10.3 M Max. Dumping Radius 12.65M Max. Dumping Height 6.7 M Hoist Force 45 T Crowd Force 20.Vibrating grizzly feeder5 T Individual DC drives for main mechanisms ? hoist, crowed and swing / travel system. MG set with 250 KW squirrel cage induction motor as prime mover and 3 DC generators, one each for hoist, crowed and swing / travel system. Magnetic amplifier controlled. Electrical supply 3.3 / 6.Concentrator table price6 KV, 50Hz,

In recent years, the phenomenon abuse of sand mining is serious,Mineral sand washer the government has issued a series of the mining policy, but the market demand of the sand,Screw classifier and he has arisen artificial sand.Cement mill Artificial sand also called mechanism sand, which is the river gravel through rock and sand blasting equipment system of processing will be a good fit for the building sand. In fact,Jaw crusher supplier artificial sand production also is not simple, need to pass jaw crusher thick break, and then after the sand into a crushing machine, broken the coarse sand after washing machine after cleaning after sand,China Mobile crushers get is in the use of building sand.Magnetic separator There are a lot of people don't understand, why to want to use sand washing machine, river gravel broken directly use after not line? Hongxing experts below to introduce you to the cause here.Cement making plant Cement equipment

BZC-400BCA truck mounted drilling rig is designed by our engineers. It is a kind of truck mounted and rotary table drilling rig. 2. The truck chassis adopts the 8X4 special crane chassis of brand CHAN'AN TRUCK and the main drive system, the transfer case, gearbox, double-winch unit, mud pump, turntable, drilling tower, feed mechanism are set up on the chassis. 3. This rig is a rotary drilling rig with directional circulation. It is equipped with BW850/2A mud pump which adopts the slurry as the washing fluid and can drill on clay, sand and rock if it is equipped with suitable drilling bit.

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